Becoming a Nurse for Nurses at Pride Health

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Becoming a Nurse for Nurses at Pride Health

By Deirdre Dugan

Ever since I could remember, I wanted a career that would give me the chance to help others. Having grown up watching and admiring my grandmother, following in her footsteps as an RN seemed only natural, and my assumption was correct. Nursing isn’t glamorous work, and it doesn’t earn you much in the way of recognition, but I thrived in the role, growing as a person and professional alike as I overcame challenges to provide the best care possible for my patients.

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Today, I’m approaching nursing from a new direction—though one informed by the time I spent on the frontlines of the healthcare industry. I spent the majority of my career in the Emergency Room, but no matter where you work in a hospital, you quickly learn that teamwork isn’t just nice to have, it’s essential to providing quality care. Quick thinking and adaptability may be key to success as an ED RN, but they’re meaningless without a collaborative environment that allows every healthcare professional to leverage their unique skills to achieve the best healthcare outcomes.

It's this understanding of the collaborative nature of healthcare that I’ve tried to bring to my work at Pride Health. Our goal isn’t to simply fill job openings, but to actively work with our nurses to help them find exactly the positions in which they can do the most good, for themselves and for patients. By working with stakeholders and professionals at every level of the industry, we strive to create the same kind of team I used to work with shift after shift in the Emergency Room. The only difference is that instead of helping patients directly, now I work to make sure patients across the country have access to the highest quality nursing available.

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Of course, we’re not just recruiters; many of us are registered nurses and other experienced healthcare professionals, and just like my days in the Emergency Room, we work hard to make sure our nurses have the resources they need to provide the level of care their patients deserve.

A image that says I understand exactly how hard nursing can be; that’s why Pride Health built a support network that gives them the travel and work experience that eflects their true importance in our country.

In my days as a nurse, I always liked this quote by the great Maya Angelou: “People will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.” Now, I try to bring that same energy to Pride Health, helping those who have also dedicated their lives to helping others. And if you’re a nurse ready to join a new team and explore an exciting new career path, I encourage you to get in touch today!

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Still on the fence? Feel f ree to reach out for more information, and stay tuned—my colleagues and I will be writing more blog posts about the advantages of travel nursing in the weeks ahead! Apply Now